With so many options for marketing your business, which should you select? The answer depends on a few things. The size of your business matters because that dictates how many customers you can serve without sacrificing service. The type of business you have matters because some goods and services are not very mobile; other can be marketed worldwide from your home office. Once you have these variables nailed down, it should be a little easier to create a marketing strategy. One avenue you should definitely consider, though, is Facebook. The social media giant has a variety of both paid and free options from which you can choose to enhance your chances of reeling in new customers while you retain the ones you have.


It’s free to create a Facebook page. You should have one for your business. It should include all the things your customers may need. If you’re a restaurant, you absolutely must have pictures of your menu posted. You can then post about your daily specials to keep yourself fresh on the homepages and feeds of your followers. If your business serves your local community, your address, hours of operation, website and phone number should be in the designated locations so people can find them. Be sure to remind your clients to ‘check in’ at your location when they visit, too. This is free advertising because then all their friends get to see that they’ve been at your location. There’s nothing like a recommendation from friends to encourage people to check you out. Be careful about what you post from your business’ site, however. You want everything that goes out from there to reflect positively on you so that you don’t inadvertently chase away potential customers.

Pay to Play

Some companies need to take it a step further. Facebook has you covered there, too. They offer multiple kinds of advertising spots. You can choose a single picture ad. Do so with catchy graphics to snag your potential customer’s eye. Sometimes a short video ad will be a better choice. Did you turn your garden shop into a magical fairyland to host a wedding? Putting up a Facebook video ad can show that off best. Use a Facebook poll ad to engage your customers and learn their favorites at the same time so you can more effectively market to them. Do you have more than one picture? Try the carousel ad option. You can have up to ten different pictures of your product or service displayed. There are others, too. Facebook, with its 1+ billion daily users, can help you connect with your customer base.