The world of digital marketing changes constantly, and a lot of your advertisements are out of your control once you post them. Still, it’s important to do your research and keep up with trends in online ads. As you update your pay-per-click ad strategy for this year, keep these suggestions in mind.

Automate Your Ads

In the early days of PPC, you did all the work yourself, from finding the perfect posting location to identifying the best times to upload new content. However, automated tools are becoming popular, and they give you more time to focus on complicated tasks. These functions are new, but you should take advantage of search engines’ alert services. Also, set bidding rules for each ad and sign up for automatic data reporting services. Don’t be afraid to try programs that are still in development; you could be looking at the next breakthrough in advertising.

Break Up Your Audience

Especially if your audience involves a wide variety of people, your market isn’t monolithic. To optimize your online ads, divide your audience into segments. Collect data on different segments by noting trends in the links that visitors use on your website and the ways that they use your site. If you send out surveys or ask for people’s details when they sign up for accounts, also include demographic information such as gender and age. Once you’ve accumulated enough details to split your audience, use the Audience Manager function in Google Ads to target your PPC ads to a specific segment.

Optimize Your Ads for Voice Search

Since smartphones have become ubiquitous, voice searches have also become commonplace. To prepare for the increasing use of voice-activated searches through Siri and other servers, you must alter your ads. Right now, you can’t buy advertising space on voice-activated platforms. However, you can optimize your current ads so that when people switch from their voice searches to Google or Safari, your ads are similar to their previous searches. Keep your landing pages’ tones conversational and prioritize both search engine optimization and user experience design. Choose keywords that people say in everyday conversation so you’re ready if platforms begin offering paid voice-activated advertising space.

Your current PPC strategy works well, but you can’t keep it the same forever and hope that people will continue to visit your site. Instead, be proactive about updating your marketing strategy to accommodate new trends in technology and your industry.