Entrepreneurship has always been big in the U.S. and there is a size-able wave of startups rolling right now. Yet, it isn’t easy to start a company. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion along with many skills. And there is never guaranteed success. Startup owners, no matter how smart, are bound to make some mistakes.

What Are the Biggest Challenges That Startup Owners Face?

Startup owners find that there is a learning curve and overcoming challenges as quickly as possible helps them achieve success. Challenges include setting unrealistic expectations, knowing that results take time, and having the patience to deal with that timing, building good planning and management skills, securing necessary funds, managing finances, dealing with competition, and striking a balance between progress and perfection. Those are some of the challenges, but the list shouldn’t be daunting for determined startup owners. The key is to avoid serious mistakes and to learn quickly when natural mistakes occur.

Here are the biggest mistakes that startup owners make, mistakes that should be avoided to achieve the dream of success:

Not spending enough time planning or skimping on a business plan. A thorough business plan is key to set the right direction for the business as well as securing the necessary funding.
Not understanding the funding process and the time that funding requires.
Handling money and accounting records incorrectly, and not paying adequate attention to the numbers.
Taking missteps in hiring. Those include making the wrong hires, hiring too soon, or hiring too late for your needs.
Not creating a strong business culture and not creating internal alignment.
Choosing the wrong startup time or the wrong business location.

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