As a small business owner, you probably spend very little time actually sitting at your desk. That’s why having access to several mobile small business apps, such as the ones highlighted below, is essential. 

Basecamp: When you work on projects as part of a group, it can disrupt the effort when others are out for the day or travelling on business. Basecamp provides an online meeting place for project participants to compare notes, check each person’s progress, and contribute your own work. A daily email recap lets everyone involved in the project know exactly where things stand. Basecamp is also an ideal application for people who work remotely from home.

Evernote: Have you ever had your best business ideas when you’re busy doing something else? With the Evernote small business app, you can input, organize, and tag your notes for easy access when you get back to the office.

Expensify: Although not too many business travelers enjoy creating expense reports, the Expensify mobile app makes it much easier. You can snap photos of receipts, convert to foreign currencies, import credit or debit card expenses, and have needed information at your fingertips come tax time. The program is fully integratable with Excel, QuickBooks, and other popular financial software.

Microsoft Remote Desktop: This small business app makes it possible to access information from your work computer regardless of your location. As soon as you install the application on your computer, it creates a link to your mobile device that allows video and audio streaming on a secure connection. You can repeat this process with multiple computers.

Outlook: The mobile version of Outlook offers the same calendar, email, and attachments as the full version. It’s more secure and ensures that your company always looks professional by sending messages from your business email account.
Square Register: Square Register on your mobile device allows you to accept credit card payments, track inventory, and send receipts by email.

With these small business applications, you can easily keep up with the goings-on of your business no matter where you are.